98-inch Education Touch All-in-one (Dual system)


Overall size: 2212.3mm*1303.5*105.7mm

Display size: 2158.8mm*1215mm

Resolution Ratio: 3840*2160(4K)

Touch mode: Fingers, pens, or any other non-transparent objects, against bright light interference

Product Characteristics

1. Ultra-thin appearance design, improve the overall decoration grade

2. High touch sensitivity, fast speed, no drift phenomenon

3. Multiple signal interfaces, supporting multiple signal input/output

4. Full HD LCD screen, motherboard program software independent debugging, so that the color is more beautiful

5. Mature scheme configuration; A 10-point touch scheme is standard

6. Industrial control motherboard, high-end quad-core processor, high-speed hard disk

7. Adopt high-quality infrared touch panel, ultra-high light transmittance, abrasion resistance

8. It contains a variety of intelligent auxiliary tools, teaching tools, magnifying glass, recording, screen recording and other functions

9. It can support fingers, Pointers, writing pens and other opaque objects for writing and touching


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