49-inch Standing Advertising Machine


Overall size: 1796mm*645.2mm*62mm

Display size: 1072.78mm*603mm

System: Android 10.0

Product Characteristics

1. The appearance design is beautiful and generous. The surface is made of toughened glass and aluminum profile frame.

2. Support 1080P HD video encoding, compatible with mainstream formats.

3. High performance, low power consumption, ultra-long time stable operation.

4. Video post-processing: anti-interleaving, noise removal, edge/detail/color optimization.

5. Support wired, WiFi, 4G access, can achieve multi-network hybrid networking.

6. Support 7*24 hours operation, let you easier to manage.

7. Support plug-in application, can be selected according to user needs, stand-alone version, web version.

8. Support display date, time, real-time weather forecast, etc.

9. Support intelligent split-screen playback in multiple split-screen modes.

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