50-inch Hotel TV


Overall size: 1132.5mm*663.7mm*70.7mm

Display size: 1097.3mm*617.8mm

Resolution Ratio: 1920*1080(2K)/3840*2160(4K)

Model number: HX-950

Product Features

1. Create a more perfect hotel intelligent experience for customers

2. Enabling value-added: on-demand, advertising, and commodities constantly create value revenue for a long time

3. Cost reduction: break the original network coverage mode and reduce network operating costs

4. Full HD LCD screen, motherboard program software independent debugging, so that the color is more beautiful

5. Massive HD power supply, music MV, cloud more new you enjoy

6. Customize the startup screen, welcome message and other images

7. Customized interface, hotel self-operating channel, connection with hotel management system

8. The Internet version can be used for Android hotel's special TV application, more convenient management services

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