40-inch KTV Explosion-proof TV


Model: HX-940

Measurement: 40 inches

Colour: Black/Gold (optional)

Overall size: 920.0mm*527.3mm*45.8mm

Display size: 879.39mm*486.7mm

Overall power: 40-45W

Power input: AC110V-240V/50-60HZ

Product Features

1. The ultra-thin exterior design enhances the overall decoration level

2. Fully independent mold opening of the product ensures matching between various processes, making the product more stable

3. The full hardware mold design allows for faster heat dissipation and longer service life of the product

4. Full HD LCD screen, motherboard solution software self debugging, making colors more vibrant

5. Explosion proof television has strong environmental adaptability and can adapt to various special environments

6. Equipped with built-in tempered glass to increase protection for the TV screen and effectively prevent collisions

7. Be able to resist unintentional damage to the TV by guests who are in a state of disrespect

8. The explosion-proof TV is equipped with high transparency, aviation glass standard tempered glass, high-performance tempered, and high flatness

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