12 Volt One Meter 60 Of 60 Lights

  1. 5050RGB LED Beads; They have low power consumption, generate minimal heat, are glare-free, and resistant to impact. They are powered by low-voltage DC 12V, ensuring higher safety and reliability.

  2. Built-in 1806 chip in the LED beads; With 256 levels of grayscale, the chip has RGB three-channel PWM constant current drive. The chip can be controlled by an external MCU to achieve independent grayscale control and cascading control, enabling 256 levels of grayscale color matrix illumination control.

  3. Breakpoint transmission circuit; With a 4-channel breakpoint transmission, when a bad pixel occurs, the fault signal can continue to be transmitted downstream, ensuring the display effect of subsequent LED beads.

  4. Wide range of applications; These products are widely used in bar, hotel, entertainment, and KTV decorative lighting. They are suitable for concealed lighting, private rooms, corridors, and decorative areas with various shapes.

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