12 Volt One Meter 32 Of 96 Light


Operating Voltage: DC 12V

Product power: 20W/m

LED mode: 256-Level Grayscale Color Dot Matrix

LED Qty: 96 LED /m

Chip mode: 2818

Chip Qty: 32IC/m

FPC colour: Black / White

Connection mode: 4-pin Terminal and Two Power Wires

Product size: 5000*8mm

Product weight: 320g/roll

Waterproof grade: Bare Board IP22, Encapsulated IP65, and Tubing IP67

  1. 3838RGB LED beads; low power consumption, minimal heat generation, non-glare, and impact resistance. It operates on low-voltage direct current (DC) 12V power supply, providing higher safety and reliability.

  2. 2818 chip; 256-level grayscale, with the chip featuring built-in RGB three-channel PWM constant current drive. The chip can be controlled by an external MCU to achieve independent brightness control, cascade control, and realize 256-level grayscale color dot matrix illumination control.

  3. Breakpoint transmission circuit; 4-channel breakpoint transmission allows the fault signal to continue transmission when there are bad points, ensuring the display effect of subsequent LED beads.

  4. Wide range of applications; extensively used in bar, hotel, entertainment, and KTV decoration lighting, concealed position lighting, private rooms, corridors, and decorative areas.

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