2010 Silicone Wear-Free Strap


Section size: 2010

Light angle: 120°

Illumination direction: Frontal Illumination

PCB Width: 10-12mm

Cutting mark: Yes

Box size: 100m/psc ( 41*41*32cm )

Silicone color: White

Outlet plugs: No

Tail plug: No

Gross weight: 15kg/psc

Positioning accessories: Installation Clip/Aluminum Profile/Flexible Profile

  1. It has characteristics such as high temperature resistance, flame retardancy, anti-static properties, and waterproofness.
  2. Transparent silicone gel has good light transmission performance, ensuring efficient light flux; white silicone gel has good light-blocking performance, no light leakage, and higher light utilization efficiency.
  3. It has good flexibility and can be bent without deformation, suitable for various shapes.
  4. It has a wide range of applications; the product is widely used in bar, hotel, entertainment, and KTV decoration lighting, concealed position lighting, private rooms, corridors, and decorative areas with various shapes.

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